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CQ WW SSB shack set up



Here we are for the first edition of our Contest season, the CQ WW SSB. 
The last year we were hit by a myriad of problems due to the weather (see blog 2013), this edition instead we are greeted by a new configuration in the shack, and like all new situations need to be run in, and learn from all those involved.



We have to adapt to the new configuration to take advantage of the potential, better learning to lead and adjust any "bugs" in the system. We are still young despite the eight-years old of The Ten-Fifty Contest Group and we'll have time to make the necessary adjustments. 
The result of this trasformation reverberates the final score,  only slightly more low from last year.
The 10m band confirms compelling and important to our geographical position in spite of our single 5 elements.
Growing little bit up 15m and 20m band, but not as good as we can. 
For 40m band we must do a separate discussion due to a deficiency found in the antenna. 
The 80m band has reached about 400 QSOs using a single vertical instead of 4 phased. 
Slightly down for the Top Band for some "logistics" problem of the beverages that are not yet well aligned.
At the last something about the famous  Fair Play, we have stumbled in the "cunning theft" of someone within the II9P team about to get in on frequencies occupied by others and play dumb. Just do a little research to figure out that it was not an accident or carelessness. 
From DXCluster: 
De HB9FAX, x ii9p are a great as.... the frequency is occupied by 0050 this morning, you come to break the c .. idiot, 7:29 - 27 Oct 13. 
De ZU6KB 28365.0 ZU6KB ii9p frq in use 13:14 28-Oct-12 
De DC3RJ 14187.8 LX75RL same QRG then II9P 20:47 24-Mar-12 
De ES2TI 37751.0 UT7E WITH II9P 03:24 30-Mar-13 
73s and see you next CQWWCW.