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New 4EL40

Finally we have a new big beam for 40 meter band. Four elements full size built whole in alluminium, from elements to the mast bracket.

The hard job that was started three years ago with the lathe turning of each piece by Roberto IK5HGU (video on YouTube Group channel ), then stop for many vicissitudes including the hurricane of 2015 that has totally stopped the work for restructuring  the our park antennas. Today, the antenna has ended his time at "ground level" to climb on top of the tower that will host it for the next contests. The electric project by Marco IK5ROS has allowed to optimize the antenna for a 50 ohm impedance without  adapters, the particular structure with the isolated elements, the 18 meters boom  and the "generous" sections have resulted in a virtually flat of SWR from  7000 to 7200 MHz range. We do not forget the  the contribution of our "hard workers" that allowed the construction and implementation of the entire structure: Marco IZ5EME, Claudio IK5RLP, Carlo IK5DHM, Fabio IZ5ILA, Giancarlo IK5ZUL.

_._  nice signal !


Video clip at YouTube