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We was third EU last year, today we are behind of EI7M CS2C ED1R by declared score, geography makes weight. Excellent opening on 10meter on Sunday afternoon, 15m and 20m as usual protagonists, on 40m missed W7, hard working for ID-WY-UT-MT-NV. Eighty and 160 meter very poor the first night. The 300 meter long beverage has made a great job on 40meter also..
73s Alex

The New Style

Our Web-Site is wearing a new "style". More dynamic and fun, designed for multimedia and Contest activities.
The Web-Site actually is under updating and we are sorry for any inconvenience, such as Italian & English article translations.

The new design will be more capability for Live contest actions of our Group, such as Live Video Stream, statistics in real time .. and much more.

We would to say thanks to all 4 millions people that got visit the web-site since we started out our Contest Adventure !

Stay Tuning !!

1050s BLOG

WPX SSB 2011 Final

This "WPX" has passed, the score improved from last few years with no problems. Of course, we are always accompanied by Mr. Murphy who have not decided to leave out our shack, amplifiers that jump out, antennas that don't run, tower-creadles  that don't go up .. exc.exc. Sure, we do not missing anything else.



Ammoniti ed Espulsi 2009

Da un anno dall'entrata in vigore del nuovo regolamento adottato dal Committee dei contest CQ, ecco i primi ammoniti e squalificati che hanno 
"sofisticato" il loro log durante il CQ-WW-SSB 2009.

Sette cartellini ROSSI e quattro GIALLI, la squalifica più grave per DK8ZB per "self-spotting" e contatti non verificabili a log, Barney Bandrack ha operato da Porto Rico con il call KP4KE dichiarando più di 5milioni di punti nella categoria QRP, nessuno nella categoria ha totalizzato più di 500mila punti dopo i controlli sui log.

Altri cartellini ROSSI assegnati a ..