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DX Bulletin No. 1196

6W, SENEGAL (Reminder). Francis, F6BLP, will once again be active as 6W7SK from Saly Portudal, 80 kms south of Dakar on the coast, between January 10th and February 5th. Activity will be holiday style using the same station as last time (IC-7000 into G5RV antenna) operating mainly CW on 80-10 meters. If possible, he also hopes to be active on 160m with an Inverted L with a 300 watts solid state amplifier. Look for his low band activity during his local sunrise and sunset. QSL via F6BLP, direct or by the Bureau. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. For more details, logs and pictures of his last operation, visit:


C2, NAURU. Operators Ernoe/DK2AMM, Guenter/DL2AWG, Hans/DL6JGN and Ron/
PA3EWP will be active as C21EU (pending) from Nauru between March 25th
and April 4th. Activity will be on 40-10 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and
possibly PSK. They will have two K3 with two 600w amps into a 5 band
Spiderbeams and some verticals. QSL via DL2AWG. Look for a Web page in
the coming weeks.

C6, BAHAMAS. Jack, KB7HH, will be active as C6A/KB7HH from San Salvadore
Island (NA-001) until January 6th. Activity will be holiday style on
17/15/12 meters CW running 5 watts. QSL via KB7HH, by the Bureau or

CARIBBEAN TOUR CRUISE. Chuck, W7AUM, announces that he is going on a
cruise with his 90 year old father to the Caribbean and plans to operate
QRP and portable, with his Elecraft KX3 and a wire antenna, on the Holland
America "MS Ryndam" as PA/W7AUM/MM and, if all goes well, on the white sand
beaches from the following islands:
    January 30th - St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (NA-106) as KP2/W7AUM
    February 2nd - Curacao (SA-099) as PJ2/W7AUM
    February 6th - Cayman Islands (NA-016) as ZF2UM
  QSL to W7AUM, by the Bureau or direct (US-SASE or 2 green stamps/no IRC).

CQ HALL OF FAME AWARDS. Nominations for the Contest and DX Halls of Fame
are made by contesting or DX clubs or national organizations and must be
submitted by March 1 of each year to be considered. A maximum of two (2)
people may be inducted into each hall of fame each year. Nominations for
the CQ Contest and DX Halls of Fame should be directed to CQ (DX or Contest)
Hall of Fame, c/o CQ magazine, 25 Newbridge Rd., Hicksville, NY 11801 USA;
or via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to specify for which
hall of fame the nomination is made.
  Nominations for the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame (see recent January
issue of CQ for details) are due by March 1 of each year. They may be
submitted by individuals as well as radio clubs or national organizations
and should be sent to CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame, 25 Newbridge Rd.,
Hicksville, NY 11801 USA; or e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
For more details, see:

CT, PORTUGAL (IOTA & SOTA). Laurent, F8BBL, will be active CT7/F8BBL
next summer from Portugal. Activity will be holiday style mainly CW, but
also SSB and Digital. His equipment will be a FT-857D, w/100w into MP1
dipole antenna. He also plans to be active as CT7/F8BBL/P from Ilha da
Insua (EU-150) and Alto Sao Bento (SOTA CT MN-046). QSL via F8BBL, direct
or by the Bureau. For more details and updates, see:

DX SURVEY RESULTS (DX Magazine's 2014 Most Wanted Countries Survey).
DX Magazine's has published their Most Wanted Countries from a survey
that was conducted in September/October 2014 time frame. Here are the
"Top 20" in the overall World-Wide Results as per DX Magazine (Jan./Feb.
2015 issue):

2014                        2013    2014                            2013
Rank Prefix  Country        Rank    Rank Prefix     Country         Rank
---- ------ ------------    ----    ---- ------ -----------------   ----
 1    P5     North Korea     1       11   BV9P   Pratas Island       14
 2    KP1    Navassa Island  2       12   E3     Eritrea             15
 3    3Y/B   Bouvet          3       13   FR/JE  Juan de Nova/Europa 13
 4    FT5W   Crozet          4       14   CE0X   San Felix           19
 5    VK0/H  Heard Island    6       15   KH3    Johnston Island     18
 6    BS7H   Scarborough     7       16   VP8/G  South Georgia       17
 7    VP8/S  South Sandwich  9       17   KH1    Baker & Howland     25
 8    FT5T   Tromelin Island 10      18   KH7K   Kure Island         20
 9    KH5K   Kingman Reef    12      19   ZS8    Marion Island       8
10    KH5    Palmyra         11      20   VK0/M  Macqarie            22

  The full list of the top 100 Most Wanted, World-Wide, will soon be posted
to the DX Publishing Web site at:

HR, HONDURAS. Will, AA4NC, will be active as HR5/AA4NC during the ARRL
International DX CW Contest (February 21-22nd) as a Single-Op entry.
QSL via LoTW.

EP6T IRAN DXPEDITION (Kish Island - AS-166). Press Release #4, dated
December 29th [edited]: With only 16 days to go before the EP6T DXpedition
will take place in the I.R of Iran, the Rockall DX Group is in the final
process of finalizing their newest set-up:
  5 High power stations, more than 6km of radials, new RX systems, filters,
combiners, verticals, phased arrays, a 4 SQ and 5 beams should make it
possible to get YOU in our log!
  Out of almost 4,800 voters who filled out our poll, it's obvious that
“the Low bands” will become the challenge of this expedition. Our Low
band (160/80/40) operators will be QRV from local sunset (1345Z) up until
our sunrise (0300Z) and will hopefully be able to pull out the weaker W6/W7
signals that will reach us on 160 meters via the long path.(27.000KM!)
During the first two days of the expedition, we encourage DX stations from
all corners of the world to listen to us on the Low bands and to keep our
pilots informed of your best times so we can focus based on the data we
receive. During these days we will also be doing our utmost to thin out
the EU pile.
  Propagation predictions show that almost all continents are within decent
signal range, with North America the only exception. The EP to NA path is
extremely difficult and of short duration. To give everyone a fair chance
and to obtain a leveled continental balance, we will have to use all
openings to NA to the fullest! The 10 meter antenna has been replaced by
a 5 element OWA Yagi. By doing so, our signal will be significantly
stronger, but we also hope to be able to log West Coast stations via LP.
  You will be able to find us on the frequencies listed on our website
The website also provides a link to Stu, K6TU, that guarantees your
personal propagation prediction towards Kish Island at:
We have put countless hours and tremendous efforts in trying to meet
everyone’s needs and hopes for your cooperation; because besides predic-
tions, the most important message “is the operators instructions”.
  During our stay it is likely that next to the experts from the C.R.A,
some local radio amateurs will come and visit us. Together, we will
share all our experiences and help them discover the fun of pile-ups.
Please be patient and help them to discover this wonderful hobby.
  Your QSL card is guaranteed, all information can be found on our
website and note that each individual sponsor in our log receives a
QSL card completely free of charge!
  The Rockall DX Group wishes you Happy Holidays, and a good EP6T hunt!
*For your convenience we have listed useful information below for you
to work us:
   North America - West coast -- 1345-1630z (LP)
   North America - East coast -- 2200-0300z
   Australia                  -- 1900-2140z
   Pacific - New Zealand      -- 1700-1730z (SR - ZL)
   Japan                      -- 2030-220z (SR)
   Europe                     -- PSE avoid calling us on peak moments
                                 for other continents!!!

  For North America
  28 MHz  West coast   -- 1500-1800z (LP) * 0400-0600z (LP)
  24 MHz               -- 1300z - until band closing * 1500-1800z (LP)
  21 MHz               -- 1300z - until band closing * 0215-0500z (LP)
  18 MHz               -- 1200-1600z * 1500-1700z (LP)
  14 MHz               -- 1200-1700z