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DX Bulletin No. 1270

6V, SENEGAL (IOTA Op). A team of Italian operators will be active as 6V1IS from Ngor and Gorée Islands (AF-045), Senegal, between November 6-16th. This is a Humanitarian DXpedition. Activity will be on various HF bands and modes. Operators and Team members mentioned are Leopoldo/ I8LWL (Organizer), Alfredo/IK7JWX (Team leader/QSL Manager), Ampelia/ IS0AGY, Christian/IS0BWM, Loredana/IS0FFR, Patrick/IS0FQK, Simon/IZ7ATN, Vincenzo/IZ8FRH, Enzo/IZ8LFI and Michele/IW7EGQ. Log will be available on ClubLog.

8Q, MALDIVES (Reminder). Wolfgang, DK1HW, will be active as 8Q7HW from
Safari Island Resort on Mushimasgali Island (AS-013) between June 20-28th.
Activity will be holiday style on the HF bands using CW, SSB and PSK31,
and running 100 watts into verticals in the seawater. QSL via DK1HW.

8Q, MALDIVES. James, 9V1YC, is currently active as 8Q7YC from Dharavandhoo
Island, Baa Atoll, Maldives (AS-013) until June 21st. Activity is on various
HF bands. QSL via W5UE.

9A, CROATIA (IOTA Op). Adrian, YO4HHP, will be active as 9A/YO4HHP from
Cres Island (EU-136) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as a
Single-Op/Mixed-Mode/12-Hrs/DXpedition entry. Activity will be on 20/15/10
meters. QSL via YO4HHP.

BCA PRESS RELEASE (Best Communication Award 2015). [edited] DxCoffee and
the DXUniversity assign the 2015 Best Communication Award to K1N, Navassa
--  The 2015 Best Communication Award is assigned to K1N, the DxPedition
to Navassa, that took place in February 2015.
  This Dxpedition deserved our recognition for having captived the ham
community in the difficult task to activate this very rare entity after
many years' attempts. The Dxpedition's website,, got
us involved in many details. Just see the amount of daily updates during
the operation's days, with directions and advices to increase one's chances
of a QSO. We have appreciated a lot the several pictures and especially
the video, made with a GoPro camera, mounted on Jerry WB9Z's head.
  Not just the website, also social media played a role, with an excellent
use of Facebook (a lot of news and pictures) and some Tweets.
  In addition to the proper award, we have once again considered a few
"special mentions" for those Dxpeditions who have stand out as far as
communication is concerned. These special mentions will be announced
shortly on these pages.
  The Best Communication Award, rules:

  Fabrizio IU0BMP -- Award Manager

CY9C ST. PAUL ISLAND DXPEDITION (Update, dated June 18th). Randy, N0TG,
reports: The countdown is on; just 60 days ‘til activation. Procurement
of final materials and supplies is in process and being shipped to team
member K8LEE – Wayne. Wayne and Jay-K4ZLE will rent a cargo van for trans-
port of most of the gear to our staging area in Canada departing their
homes around 12 August. Phil, VA3QR, will be driving to the staging area
with the generators and several other items. And, lastly Murray, WA4DAN,
will also drive to Dingwall, Canada, with several yagi’s. Other team
members will be flying.
  The team is excited and looking forward to a very inclusive operation,
i.e, satellite, 2 meter EME, RTTY, CW, SSB.  We also have plans to include
working Tech and General Class. We appreciate the visits to our website
and those who have taken the “NEED SURVEY”. We are gearing up to assure
we meet the band and mode needs expressed, as well as, concentrating on
successful contacts on the long and difficult propagation paths to various
locations in Oceania, Japan, India, Asiatic Russia, western USA and VE,
  Our thanks for the financial support; that helps greatly on the upfront
cost of the dxpedition. Website:                   

D4, CAPE VERDE. By the time you read this, Harald, DF2WO, will once again
be active as D44TWO from Praia, Santiago Island (AF-005) until July 13th.
Activity will be holiday style on 40-10 meters using CW, SSB and the
Digital modes. He states that he works mostly on the Digital modes (PSK31,
JT65 and RTTY) and slow CW. Equipment is a FT-450D into a home-made HEX
BEAM and a dipole for 40 meters. QSL via M0OXO (OQRS available).

D6, DOMOROS. Operators Pavel/OK1FPS, David/OK6DJ, Pavel/OK1GK, Ruda/OK2ZA
and Petr/OK1BOA will be active as D66D from Comoro Islands (AF-007) between
mid-September and begin-October (September 18-30th). Activity will be on
160-10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. Antenna/radio setup is  3x Elecraft
K3, 2x PA, Antennas 2 x Spiderbeam including WARC, 1x vertical 40/30m,
1 vertical 160/80m + special RX antenna for low bands. QSL via OK6DJ,
LoTW or eQSL. For more details and update, see:

FJ, ST. BARTHELEMY (Reminder). Operators Dave/W9DR and Tom/W9AEB are
now active as FJ/W9DR and FJ/W9AEB from Saint Barthelemy Island (NA-146,
DIFO FJ-001, WLOTA 0377) until June 29th. Look for W9DR as FJ/W9DR on 6
meters only (50.115 MHz), CW/SSB with a 6m Beacon (50.115.7 MHz). Look
for W9AEB as FJ/W9AEB on 40-10 meters CW/SSB. QSL via their home callsigns.

I0/S53R GOING SILENT. Robert, I0/S53R, posted on the FOC mail reflector,
"I am off from I0 tomorrow (June 14th) to a land that is very high on the
most wanted list (within 10%), but as you can imagine licensing is a
problem. Hence, I0/S53R is off the air for the next two years. Wonder
if I should give in my FOC credentials... I will have a fairly strict
schedule, meaning 4 weeks in and 1-2 weeks out so I may pop up occasion-
ally. Of course some contest activities from other countries are being
planned so see you on the bands."