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TFCG Stroke down

The CQWWSSB 2013 saw us at the starting blocks with a lot of technical problems due to the very bad weather conditions of the week preceding the contest.

See the chronology of events:

 Wednesday 23rd we finally set the 2 5EL yagi for 10m after a week of "dismantle and reassemble", meanwhile we were a bit behind with our job due the linear amplifier change hit by high-voltage discharges.

high voltage discharge


For this we would have solved the next day, Thursday. The night between the two days, the weather conditions are put to the worse, a strong storm hits the area, making impossible for scheduled work


Radar image of lightning concentrated in our area


Friday 25th, after the storm, we arrived early in the morning, but a situation was really worrying.
Lightning, probably hit the 130 feet tower, resulting in this series of failures:

1) Transformer of the antenna lifting cradle, burned out.
2) Yagi 5el 10m rotator short-circuited.
3) Connector of the rotator yagi 20m and 15m, destroyed.
4) Control Box of the tower 10m e 15m, burned out.
5) Short-circuited of the IC-781 power supply.
6) One PC  done.
7) WI-FI Link Router, out of order.

All of  this at 15 hours from the beginning of the contest, not to mention the set-up needed for the 80m vertical and berverage.
The race was at risk, IK5RLP strives for Free Climbing, IZ5DIY, IZ5FSA, IV3KKW for beverage and 80m, IZ5EME and IK5ROS at the shack where it is replaced the IC-781 with another one but not yet aligned, the control box changed with a series of loose wires and a PC put to rest.

Good or bad we can recover the condition, although impaired in many of its features, we start at 0000 UTC 0200 LOC with various disabilities, stress and fatigue, that does not produce the numbers needed to give the initial sprint to the competition.
The result of the first 12 hours we see lacking a significant amount of points even with respect to the performance of the past year, that,  forces us to a recovery for at least reach the apex of the curve produced in 2012.

That's a true story.

Contest break-down