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CQ WW SSB shack set up



Here we are for the first edition of our Contest season, the CQ WW SSB. 
The last year we were hit by a myriad of problems due to the weather (see blog 2013), this edition instead we are greeted by a new configuration in the shack, and like all new situations need to be run in, and learn from all those involved.


WPX SSB 2014

Our Contest season is ended this year also with CQ WPX SSB.
The final score (declared) is over our total reached last year and this help us to looking forward.



WW CW 2013

Second-rate this year for the CW tournament , expecially about the amount of QSOs,  964 less than last year, the Multipliers are  been increased and this have allowed us to rise final score a little.


TFCG Stroke down

The CQWWSSB 2013 saw us at the starting blocks with a lot of technical problems due to the very bad weather conditions of the week preceding the contest.

See the chronology of events: