23 October 2014 (CTY-2412)
VER20141023, Version entity is Venezuela, YV

Added/changed Callsigns/prefixes:


	* 4U2U is Vienna Intl Ctr, *4U1V
	* 7X2BDX/JOTA is Algeria, 7X
	* EA5HCC/8 is Canary Islands, EA8
	* GB3NGI is Northern Ireland, GI
	* 4U2U is Austria, OE
	* PA3EWG/J is Netherlands, PA
	* SZ8XIO/J is Greece, SV

Retired Callsigns/prefixes:

	* TX4A in New Caledonia, FK
	* W0REP in Guam, KH2
	* AJ4MY and KK4RYG in Alaska, KL
	* KD4SGB in US Virgin Islands, KP2
	* LU1XS/O in Argentina, LU


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