03 October 2012 (CTY-2216)
VER20121003, Version entity is Heard Island, VK0H

Added/changed Callsigns/prefixes:

	BY1WXD/0 is China, BY in CQ zone 23, ITU zone 42
	VP8ADE is Antarctica, CE9 in ITU zone 73
	EA3BT/6 is Balearic Islands, EA6
	EA1EHW/8 is Canary Islands, EA8
	TO2M and TO7BC are both Mayotte, FH
	TO9R is Martinique, FM
	TX4FO is French Polynesia, FO
	GB999SPC is Scotland, GM
	GB2JTA is Guernsey, GU
	GB0APS and GB0TS are both Wales, GW
	7Z1TT/ND, HZ1DG/ND, HZ1SK/ND and HZ1TT/ND are all Saudi Arabia, HZ
	K6Y is Hawaii, KH6
	KY7J is Alaska, KL
	LU9HUP/X is Argentina, LU in ITU zone 16
	PH4RTM/WHE is Netherlands, PA
	RU9CK/6/P is European Russia, UA
	VE3AX/7 is Canada, VE in CQ zone 3, ITU zone 2
	VE3EXY/2 is Canada, VE in ITU zone 4
Retired Callsigns/prefixes:
GS0GRC in Shetland and Fair Isle, *GM/s
	IZ9 in Sicily, *IT9
	9M4SLL in Spratly Islands, 1S
	E51AND in North Cook Islands, E5/n
	EA8CZT/1 in Spain, EA
	GB1MAY, GB2AL, GB2LK and GB2MSL in Scotland, GM
	GB0HEL, GB2TD, GB4BPL and GB4EUL in Wales, GW
	KP4ES/L in Puerto Rico, KP4
	LU1QA/Q, LU1WJY/W, LU2DB/V, LU6HBB/D, LW2EIY/H and LW4HCL/D in Argentina, LU
	R35CZF in Asiatic Russia, UA9
	VE2III in Canada, VE
	ZS1FRC/L and ZS5ZLB/L in South Africa, ZS
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